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About Me

My purpose, through photography, personal writings and business mentoring, is to help you to develop or enhance some key life skills to aid you in creating a life of distinction. I've found out that there are many things that hold people back in life, and hopefully, I can offer some encouragement that will help you to elevate yourself to greater heights.

During my life time, Iíve been fortunate to have a variety of experiences. Iíve been an Army officer, where I had the benefit of learning about leadership and people from some of the worlds most forward thinking leaders. Iíve also had the honor of leading some of the brightest soldiers. Iíve done training for major corporations. Iíve lived and worked abroad in three countries, Germany, Korea and Japan. Wherever I am, I always try to find out what motivates people to behave as they doÖwhat drives them to achieve what are their dreams and fears. I'm also interested in belief systems...and most of all philosophies. In the process, Iíve developed a love and respect for humankind. You see, Iím no different from you. Iíve just had different experiences. Iíve had some high s and Iíve had some lows.  Over the years, Iíve come to learn the significance of the words by John Dunne that "No man is an island".

Iíd like to share with you some of the things Iíve learned throughout my lifetime, that have helped a lot of people. These things are not really difficult to employ, but for whatever reason, most people tend to not think about them on a personal level. They donít really think that these things can apply to them. If you wouldnít mind, during your process of self discovery, forget about traditional thinking. Look at life from a different vantage point. Suspend your disbelief if you will. Begin to think in terms of possibilitiesÖbecause whatís possible is truly possible for you, during your lifetime, no matter where you presently happen to be. The beauty of this is that you really donít have to make drastic changes in your life. With just a few adjustments here and there over a period of time, you can begin to see an entirely different side of life. One which you really are in control of. A life that you will be proud to place your signature on.

My mission is for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and thereby a better understanding of whatís really important in your life and how you can begin to move towards it. Remember this is your life. You are the only person that has been with you for every second of your existence and you're the only one who will be there for every second of the remainder. Only you know your deepest feelings. Only you know how each experience youíve had has affected you. Therefore only you really know deep down what you want out of life to make you happy and fulfilled. Let no one cast dispersions on your dreams. If youíre like most people, thereís something inside thatís not satisfied with where you are today. In our busy lives, we donít take time to enjoy the simple things. Getting to know one another, enjoying time spent with loved ones, the beauty of a sunlit day, or simply the time spending with ourselves in spiritual communion. This is your journey through life...make it personal and tailored for your lifestyle.

As you create new inroads in this world, do as Howard Thurman states "Follow the grain of your own wood".

Thank You


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